Saturday, September 23, 2017

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Entrance to Pink Beach Lombok area is very expensive

Pink Beach in Lombok in the east of Bali Island gets complaints from tourists. Unlike in Bali, Lombok is different. In Bali most of the beaches are free to visit and enter the beach area. But in Lombok is different. Most of the famous beaches in Lombok have been charged the entrance fee to the beach area.

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Pink Beach is located in Lombok

Pink Beach became one of the beach most sought after by tourists because of pink colored beach sand. Initially Pink Beach is thought to be a beach in Bali by foreign tourists, whereas this beach is located in Lombok, east of Bali. But to get into the beach area in Lombok, tourists must pay a very expensive ticket. Although in Bali there are some beaches charged entrance fee, however it is not expensive. In Pink Beach is quite expensive and very burdensome wisatwan.

The entrance ticket to Pink Beach Lombok is divided into two types. For foreign tourists is Rp 50 thousand per person, while local tourists for Rp 10 thousand. Previously, every day there were about a hundred more tourists who visited the beach in mLombok this, but now the visit has dropped dramatically. Even very quiet, every day there are only one or two foreign tourists who visit Pink Beach which is the beach in Lombok, not in Bali.

Entry admission also makes domestic and foreign tourists feel furious because the ticket is considered too expensive. As a result, many tourists who promised not to visit again Pink Beach in Lombok. Of course, the admission of a fairly expensive entrance fee is feared will reduce the positive cintra of this beach and impact the absence of tourists who want to visit Pink Beach in Lombok.

Entrance to the tourist attraction is a burdensome thing. Because tourist attraction with expensive tickets can reduce the stock of tourists. Because foreign tourists who are on vacation will definitely visit many attractions. If every tourist object visited has to pay an expensive entrance fee, then it can be a big trauma to, and they probably will not come back to the tourist attraction. As happened to Pink Beach in Lombok.

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