Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday, February 12, 2016

Vacation to Bali looking for prostitutes!?

Now, Bali has become the island for vacation and have fun by foreign tourists. Model of tourism in Bali has also changed. Initially tourists come to see the art, culture, and religion were very unique and riveting. Now tourists come and vacation to Bali just for fun and partying all day.

Not only to visit the attractions, tourists who holiday in Bali also to get women to the satisfaction of sexual desire. Prostitution in Bali has been a part of the travel and leisure activities by foreign tourists. Prostitution in Bali are now more numerous and easily found. Women naughty in Bali was the target of naughty boys who are on vacation. This woman paid and to be a vacation, accompany every day and all day. Accompanying surfing, diving, up to a night in bed, in the hotel room.

Many foreign men had come to Bali just to get prostitutes, vacations are not the main goal. They look for the girl in Bali because Bali is very easily persuaded with money to accompany them to sleep. Because money is the main capital and become a lady-killer. Prostitutes in Bali also work for money. Because money is a major requirement for living in the world today.

Holidays in Bali should not look for prostitutes. Based on data from the Bali Health Office, 70 percent of prostitutes in Bali has HIV. It is a terrible fact. If men sleep with a prostitute in Bali, then chances are 75 percent will be infected with HIV, if not using a condom. Surely no one wants infected with HIV.

Actually there are many things to do while on holiday in Bali. Not just for fun with prostitutes. Bali has many beautiful and interesting places, too many have a vehicle to play. Water sports, diving, mountain climbing. Many positive activities to do to entertain themselves. Getting prostitutes in Bali is a very stupid holiday. Because it is able to damage the future. Ironically, many young men who vacation to Bali just to party, have fun and get a prostitute.

Bali is a small island, but it has a lot of interesting places. Residents of the Bali was also very nice and friendly. Do not assume that the Balinese girl is very easy to buy. Although Bali has a lot of prostitutes, they are a woman who comes from outside Bali, which was deliberately come to Bali to be a prostitute and gets a strange man to be a husband and settle down. Girl Balinese are still holding decency and shame. They will think a thousand times to work as prostitutes. Because it is a job that will damage the image of self and family.

Prostitution in Bali is more, has even become part of a travel by people who are on vacation in Bali. It is the impact of the growing tourism industry in Bali. The services of prostitutes become a tool to lure tourists in order to stay with disebuah comfortable hotel. Their pimps further facilitate the process of buying and selling prostitution services in Bali.

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