Saturday, February 13, 2016

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Lombok Bali, Lombok and Gili is not Bali

Lombok and Bali are two different islands. Many foreign tourists have been mistaken if Lombok is part of Bali. When in fact Lombok and Bali are two different islands, although the location of these two adjacent islands.

Bali and Lombok Island in Indonesia
Bali and Lombok Island in Indonesia

Bali is a small province in Indonesia. Bali became a province without joining the larger province because the island has a culture and religion that is different from those in other regions. The small island with a majority Hindu population, in an Islamic country.

Tree Gili Island in Lombok, Indonesia
Lombok is an island separated from Bali. Lombok Island consists of several districts. Lombok Island is located within the West Nusa Tenggara province. So Lombok and Bali are two different islands. But in the West Lombok district is predominantly people who come from Bali. Culture, religion, and traditions of the people in West Lombok is almost the same as in Bali. Because in the days of yore, West Lombok is part of the Kingdom of Klungkung in Bali.

Many foreign tourists mistakenly said that Lombok is part of Bali. However it can not deny, because in some areas in Lombok have the same culture as the one in Bali. So, the feel of the lives of people in West Lombok is feels like in Bali. Language, art, culture, tradition and architecture of the building, all very similar to the one in Bali. Balinese are felt in several areas in Lombok.

Kuta Beach in Lombok Indonesia
Now the island of Lombok has grown and developed as Bali. Lombok tourism is growing very rapidly. The natural beauty, beaches, ocean, and mountains of Lombok exceed the natural beauty of Bali. Vacation to Bali would not be complete and satisfied if you have not tried to Lombok. With the beautiful island of Gili. Three Gili is a charming and well-known, Gili Trawangan, Gili Nemo, and Gili Air, Gili Islands are three who became the mascot of tourism in Lombok Island.

In Lombok, the island is also called Gili. Gili is another name for the island. Lombok has a lot of small islands are very beautiful and still beautiful, clean, maintained, and not inhabited by anyone. The tiny islands in Lombok in the know called Gili. Gili Air, Gili Nemo, Gili Trawangan, Gili Nanggu, Gili Asahan and others. Gili makes Lombok became very popular in foreign countries, and a destination for foreign tourists to visit Indonesia, besides Bali.

Kuta Beach in Bali Indonesia
Now, to be able to go to Lombok, has built an international airport. Many airlines that serve direct flights to Lombok, without going through Bali. First, to be able to Lombok, have to land first at Bali's international airport, and then headed to Lombok by boat, wade through the sea in the Straits of Lombok. Then arrive at the port, and using a car heading to the attractions in Lombok.

Lombok's tourism potential is much better than in Bali. The natural beauty of the island can not be expressed in words. The beaches in Lombok was very clean and quiet. Yet crowded by people and hotel buildings. Unlike in Bali. Almost all attractions in Bali filled with hotels and shopping centers. Though the hotel is very insufficient for the needs of the tourists. However, very loose regulations that have an impact on the uncontrolled construction of new hotels in Bali.

Lombok is a new tourist potential which continues to be developed by the government. Tourism is the easiest and fastest way to increase foreign exchange. Many countries began to grow the tourism potential of the country to grow local products unique and characterizes the country. Indonesia is very fortunate to have the island of Bali and Lombok. Two beautiful island with high tourism potential. Unique culture and diversifying into more value for the growth and development of tourism in Indonesia in the future.

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