Saturday, January 2, 2016

Saturday, January 02, 2016

Sunset in Bali in January

Girl with sunset in Bali beach
Girl with sunset in Bali beach
Very difficult to get a view of a beautiful sunset in Bali in January. Because in January in Bali is the rainy season which is very frequent, almost daily rains in January. Because this month is the rainy season. So overcast sky always the case. So it will cover the beautiful sun in the afternoon.

Cloud in Bali beach

Sunset in Bali is very beautiful. A beautiful sunset in Bali can be seen from the beach. Almost all the beaches in Bali region has a beautiful view of the sunset. Kuta, Legian and Seminyak are panta-famous beaches and easy access. So as to be able to watch the beautiful sunset in Bali is very easily realized.

But in January, the sunset is very difficult to be seen perfectly. Overcast sky always the case. Dark and thick overcast often occurs in January in Bali. Overcast moved over the sun, so the sunset becomes blocked by clouds of black and dark. Cloud-covered sun became gelam and the atmosphere becomes gray. If the sunset can make the tranquility and beauty, but during the rainy season, sunset difficult to see. The beauty of the sunset was blocked by clouds of dark clouds in the rainy season.

Sunset in Bali's most famous and splendid views of Tanahlot in Tabanan. Sunset in Tanahlot very beautiful. With views of the beach and the cliffs high above the sea, the temple in the middle of the ocean, ocean waves were very large.

End of the year is synonymous with activities looking at the sunset in Bali. Sunset indicates that the year will be completed soon, and people should be ready with the new year. Sunset seen from the beach. Look at the sky in the west with light reddish color.

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