Saturday, January 9, 2016

Saturday, January 09, 2016

Karangsewu in Gilimanuk is Jembrana


Girl in Karangsewu beach located in Melaya, Jembrana, Bali

Karangsewu is a new tourist attraction in Bali. This place was in Gilimhanuk, including in the area Kecataman Melaya, Jembrana. Karangsewu is at Gilimanuk bay with beautiful views. This new attraction developed since a long time hidden from access by persons. This place is now a popular tourist attraction in Jembrana, because of the beautiful scenery with a very calm bay. This attraction is also a place for recreation and vacation by Gilimanuk citizens, also citizens Melaya and Jembrana.

Gilimanuk bay with Karangsemu also become a very popular fishing spot. The bay has plenty of fish to be caught. Every day there are always people fishing in this bay. Because a beautiful place with incredibly indulgent eye, make the area Karangsewu in Gilimanuk become a popular spot for fishing. Fish is always there throughout the year in this bay. Because this bay became a gathering place for fish to spawn and feeding.

Karangsewu in Gilimanuk Melaya Jembrana is initially hidden. This area is covered by mangrove forests. Not many people know this place. Only locals know. Because closed and there is no access road to Karangsewu, make this area as a place to make love by lovers. A great place to have sex, as it is covered and hidden.

Cattle herders very penyukai land in Karangsewu. Because this place is the prairie region. Cows in pastored freely in this place. Many cows grazing freely, so that a large area in this place become fertile by tai of cattle. Tai beef very much in Karangsewu. Tai smell was overpowering. In fact not just cows grazing in Karangsewu, also goats.

Now the local government banned the cattle graze near the beach, and near the area that became a gathering place for tourists at bay. Today the beach Karangsewu was clean by the tai. The cows may only be in pastored in place far from the beach.

The most appropriate time to Karangsewu is in the afternoon. The evening atmosphere in Gilimanuk is very beautiful and fun. Cool air around the bay is very refreshing breathing. The afternoon is also a wonderful view to the sunset. Sunset at Karangsewu always been a fascinating appeal.

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