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Views of terraced rice fields in Tirta Gangga

terraced rice fields in Tirta Gangga

Terraced rice fields in Tirta Gangga

When people call the tourist attractions in Tirta Gangga, so that they have in mind is a bathing place of the kings in ancient times, now used as a tourist attraction. Tirta Gangga is known as an area with abundant water sources, with water teruh constantly emerging from various sources, so as to meet the water needs of the residents in the area of Tirta Gangga.

But not many know that Tirta Gangga is a rural area that has a very wide rice fields. Rice fields in Tirta Ganga no less interesting with rice fields in Jatiluwih. Rice fields in Tirta Gangga was clusters of rice terraces with mountain views north. The mountain is Mount Agung very famous. Rice fields in Tirta Gangga is very lush and beautiful. Most of the year is always planted with rice. Because of the need for water to irrigate the fields in Tirta Ganga is available throughout the year.

Rice fields in Tirta Gangga Bali
Rice fields in Tirta Gangga Bali
Tirta Gangga is a very quiet rural area, comfortable, refreshing. Unlike in Ubud which has become a very crowded by residents and villas, Tirta Ganga is still the traditional rural areas with sparse population.

Most of the population in Tirta Gangga is working as a farmer. They work the land and grow rice in the fields. rice terraces are very broad, such as in Jatiluwih, Tabanan Bali. They grow rice throughout the year to meet the food needs of the people of Bali.

Most tourists are invited by the tour guide during a visit to Tirta Gangga, they were only invited to see the pool and baths king who is now a major tourist attraction in the region. When in fact Tirta Gangga has clusters and vast rice fields scenery is very beautiful, like in Ubud and Jatiluwih. The fields are real, not just a partial view, but the view of paddy fields, the homes can make tourists feel welcome and comfortable stay Tirta Gangga.

Rice field in Tirta Gangga is very typical with a rustic feel. Terraced rice paddies with a temple for worship by farmers, with the background of mount is tall brownish, palm trees in the distance colored hijai, blue sky with white clouds surrounding mountain peaks, small houses in the middle of rice fields, shelter farmers when kepanasa. It's beautiful scenery of rice fields in Tirta Ganga.

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