Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunday, October 04, 2015

With his girlfriend to see the sunset in Bali Beach

Bali beach, sunset, and girl
Bali beach, Sunset, and Girl

Together lover stroll traveled in Bali, along the beautiful beach, hand in hand, joking, waiting for the moment the most beautiful on the beach, looking at the sunset. Seeing the sunset with a lover is the most enjoyable activities. Waiting for dusk while sitting on a rock, holding hands, hugging, looking towards the vast sea.

Bali a tourist destination that is most in demand by couples kesasih. Because Bali is a small island with sejua beauty. Beauty in Bali is not only beaches, there are also mountains, lakes, terraced rice fields, and rivers with clear water and clean. Together lover down all corners of the island is a fun activity.

Bali beach, sunset, and girl
Bali beach, sunset, and girl

Renting a scooter at a very low cost, an option lovers to go along with a scooter. The girl sitting behind the pinggal hugging her boyfriend. With jokes and laughter existing sight along the road.

Although Bali is very wide if it is to be explored in a day, but it will feel little if explored in a few days with a lover. That's the fun of the most unforgettable moment of adolescence with a lover in Bali.

Currently sitting with his girlfriend on the beach waiting for the sunset is a most pleasant experience. Sitting together holding hands, hear the sound of ocean waves, winds soothe the soul. Hugged each other while waiting for the dark night for sex.

Sea, surf, sun, sunset, and sex, is loma said that the main attraction of foreign tourists visiting Bali. To Bali not only for vacation as well, to find a lover to accompany the lonely heart. Cheap hotels be an attractive option to spend the day with a lover.

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