Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Lombok island more attractive than Bali

Now many people have to know the island of Lombok. Foreign tourists who vacation in Bali will took a visit to the famous island of Lombok with Gili. In fact, many tourists who first came to Indonesia, then visited Bali and Lombok, would conclude that the island of Lombok is more attractive than Bali. The assumption is reasonable, because Lombok is far more interesting than Bali.

Lombok island has become increasingly popular since people know the three Gili islands, Gili Trawangan, Gili Nemo, and Gili Air. Even Lombok Island is now the tourist destinations most searched in Indonesia by foreign tourists. Because Bali is increasingly boring. Tourists will travel to Bali only for temporary shelter, then go to Lombok to spend their holidays.

The island of Bali is increasingly membosan and uncomfortable to visit. As a result of the growth of the tourism industry that is not controlled. More and more hotels are built on the grounds to support tourism activities, while in Bali very much and the more losses, because the number of tourists who stay less.

Bali island is also increasingly unsafe. Many criminal acts occurred in Bali, even in the open and in the centers of tourist activities. Murder, theft, robbery, pickpocketing, embezzlement, fraud to sexual abuse. Bali is a nest of criminals who wish to seek protection under the pretext traveled but still got the money.

Lombok Island has grown and developed into a very attractive tourist destination. Many beautiful places in Lombok not owned by Bali. Small islands with a fascinating view. Sea water is very clean, friendly locals, as well as a culture that is almost the same as in Bali.

Travelers who've been to Lombok will say that the island is very beautiful and comfortable. Because of the island of Lombok is still very quiet by settlers. The tiny islands in Lombok are also many who do not inhabited. So many quiet and comfortable place to visit.

Before Bali is crowded by residents, Bali also is a safe and comfortable place to visit. Residents of Bali known to be very friendly. Beautiful nature and calm, the sea water is still clean, still quiet street, the city deserted, with no air pollution. Yore Bali is an island paradise for foreign tourists, the island's most sought after vacation spot, even though the property is still small, but tourists are satisfied while in Bali.

Invetasi in Lombok is much more interesting than in Bali. A lot of potential that can be obtained when investors invest in Lombok than in Bali that has been filled with many entrepreneurs who entered the hospitality business, property and tourism.

If Lombok is more appealing than Bali. So entrepreneurs and investors will increasingly choose to invest Lombok. There are concerns that will be like Bali Lombok today. Turned into hell island with a million problems. If not supervised and control by government, so maybe someday Lombok will turn into hell like Bali island today.

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