Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What things to do in Lovina Bali?

What things to do in Lovina Bali?

What things to do in Lovina Bali? What are the main attraction of Lovina so very famous and in the search by foreign tourists? What are conditions like in Lovina? The questions are often uttered by tourists who want to Lovina.

Lovina is the name of the tourist area in Buleleng. Attractions in Lovina is the most famous beach and the sea. However, the most well known in Lovina is the sea. Sea in Lovina is the habitat for bottle nose dolphins. If people expect to hear the word of Lovina, then people will think about dolphins. Tourists can watch the dolphins in the ocean.

If you want to see dolphins in the middle of the sea, tourists have to hire a boat. The boats used are traditional wooden boat. This boat type is usually used for fishing by fishermen. Simple, unique and artistic shapes.

When heading out to sea, the usual dolphins will appear and jump around on the surface of the water. They are looking for Undara while greet tourists who were on the boat. Dolphins are very friendly animals to humans. They love to play and sound.

Sea in Lovina is also known as a dive. However, under the sea biota in Lovina is not better than Menjangan Island. However it is worth as a diving spot, as coral reefs and choose a lot of fish with various colors.

Along the way in Lovina, there are many dive guide. They are local residents who opened the business as a dive guide. Lovina excellent diving in the dry season. Therefore, during the rainy season in Lovina sea becomes somewhat murky. Because around Lovina beach there are many estuaries. During the rainy season, the rivers in Lovina area will be filled by water, and became a flood. River water carrying mud and empties into the sea. So the sea becomes cloudy and visibility is not good for divers.

Tourism potential in Lovina, beginning not in demand by investors. However, since innovation and change, as well as the promotion conducted an experienced local residents in tourism, Lovina gradually grown into a famous sights. Many tourism potential has been explored. Hotel and restaurant as supporting tourism began to be built. Investors come and build accommodation facilities. Government promotion and make ivent are able to attract tourists.

So, what can be done during a visit in Lovina is seeing bottle nose dolphins using traditional boats. Dolphins live and settle in sea Lovina area. See dolphins swimming and jumping up, greet people who are in the boat, while voice.

In addition to seeing dolphins, which can be done in Lovina is a dive. Diving in Lovina see the beauty of underwater life. With a diverse coral reefs and colorful fish. The underwater world is not as beautiful in Menjangan Island and Nusa Lembongan, but may become an attractive tourist activities during a visit to Lovina, Buleleng, Bali Indonesia.

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