Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Prostitutes in Kuta guise of souvenir sellers

Prostitutes do not just live in a place of localization, in house of embroidery, and in the residential complex that specifically provide sexual services to men, they are also active in our neighborhood who volunteered to man. There are many modes performed by the prostitutes to cover themselves so as not to look conspicuous work as prostitutes. One very unique is becoming souvenir sellers. They are the target of foreign tourists.

They walked down the sidewalk like an ordinary pedestrian. Usually they wear a tight shirt, with short jeans. They walked on the sidewalk, while drinking a cold beverage. Does not seem like a souvenir sellers in general, carry bags, hand holding assorted souvenirs, wearing a long skirt with jacket and hat. Prostitutes impersonate souvenir sellers are usually dressed in sexy and attractive, souvenirs only shown when they see the target and say hello. If there is no target, souvenirs will be stored in a pants pocket, even a souvenir store in panties, you must know the intent and purpose they put souvenirs in the panties.

When they were passing in front of a cafe, or in front of strange men, they will take some souvenirs from a pants pocket. Then they offer souvenirs to foreign men. With a sweet smile and a soft tone while showing their sexy style souvenirs say "Buy One Sir ".

If there are men who are interested in the current style of prostitutes offering souvenirs and the discussion was started, then traksasi will begin with an agreement which is only known by both parties.

Kuta is a slut in action. Kuta is the entertainment center in Bali. The prostitutes in Kuta blend into the crowd. Jalan Legian is one of them in action. At night, a prostitute is very easy to be found along the road pavement. Very strange if there are souvenir sellers at night with sexy clothes, and they offer souvenirs only to men.

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