Saturday, January 3, 2015

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Nipah Beach, unique beach in Lombok

Nipah Beach is a beautiful beach in Lombok, has advantages that are not owned at Kuta Beach in Bali. Nipah Beach sea water has a very clear water like glass. Many tourists who visit this beach, while on the beach is definitely wanted to throw themselves into the sea which is very clear and clean. Nipah beach is worth visiting, especially by fans of beach.

There are three beautiful beaches along the road from Senggigi Beach towards Port Bangsal in Lombok. The beach can be visited during a trip to Senggigi or Port Bangsal. Beautiful beach with sea water is very clear and clean. The three beaches named Beach Pandanan, Nipah Beach and Beach Malimbu. Indeed there are many names of beaches in the track. However, the most famous are the three beaches.

While on a trip and crossed the coast, if you feel tired and want to rest, you should stop and rest at Nipah Beach is very beautiful and clean. The beach is always used as a resting place by the tourists highly traveled in Lombok. Very beautiful, incredible, Lombok indeed save a million beauty, beaches, mountains, sea, all beautiful and still very terjada cleanliness.

When compared to other beaches, especially Tanjung Aan, which until now has become a difficult beach overlooked by tourists when visiting Lombok, scenery at Nipah Beach is not so good. Almost no unique thing on this beach that can remind us that it is the Nipah Beach. But the beach is quite Indag and clean although not famous tourist attraction and the main goal while in Lombok.

Visitors at the beach is quite crowded, especially during the holiday season. Located not too far from the capital, makes this beach select a place for recreation. Moreover, like the beaches of Lombok in general, sea water at the beach is clear like glass, so there is no reason not to play water.

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