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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Deer roam in Menjangan Island, Bali Indonesia

Deer roam in Menjangan Island, Bali IndonesiaPulau Menjangan is a live for deer. As the name suggests, means the island Menjangan island inhabited by deer. Pulau means island, Menjangaan means deer.

Deers in Menjangan Island is maintained and allowed to remain sustainable. They live quietly without disturbing anyone. If in Bali they are in a hurry and killed for meat, on the island of Menjangan they do not have to worry about the hunters, because their lives are very awake and be protected.

Deer roam in Menjangan Island, Bali IndonesiaWhile at Menjangan Island, you will see deer wandering to and fro without fear of humans. Even you can approach them while feeding. They are very happy with crusty bread. The deer walk on the beach, in the woods and silence among the trees in the shade of light matahi very hot.

To be able to go to Menjangan Island, you can use the boat from Port Lalang in Buleleng. There are many tour packages which can be selected while in the West Bali National Park. Because Menjangan
Island is part of the national park.

Deer roam in Menjangan Island, Bali Indonesia
Menjangan Island is famous for its sea which has beautiful underwater life. Under the sea in these waters is very beautiful and one of the most beautiful in Bali. Many tourists who come Menjangan Island while diving in the sea around the island. The island is very small, can be surrounded by a brief from the sea by using a boat.

While on the island, you will see there are many boats that float in the middle of the sea. The boat still and wait for a bunch of divers who dive in the sea floor. The diver can determine the location of the dive liking. Usually they dive and not just once a day, but they dive in a few days. Because almost all of the underwater world around the island has a different beauty.

Deer on the island of Menjangan comes from the island of Bali. They crossed from Bali to the island by swimming. They went to the island of Bali because their lives are threatened by hunters. They are in a hurry without control, and openly they are hunted for their meat. Venison is not just for eating, also to be sold to the buyer.

Deer roam in Menjangan Island, Bali Indonesia
Deer on the island of Menjangan is not difficult to get food. They obtain food from grass and trees growing around the island. During the rainy season, eating very abundant. Grass grows lush and green. While during the dry season. They can still get food from visitors and the remnants of the former garbage rituals in the temple in the island. When the dry season the island is like a blank stone. Yellowing plants, without leaves, dead grass. From a distance Menjangan Island is brown, because the plants are dry during the dry season.

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