Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday, December 01, 2014

Attractions of Kuta Beach on Sunday

Attractions of Kuta beach is always crowded in the visit local residents on Sunday. Starting from morning to evening. Sunday is a day for recreation, and holidays for school children. On the day of the week is an opportunity for family members to gather, once busy with their respective activities, work and go to school.

Since morning, a tourist attraction of Kuta Beach visited by locals. They come from various places. Invite family, lovers, and friends. On the beach they play water with the children. Sand play, there is also a kite-flying. Some of them take a walk down the beach.

As the day the number of people in the attraction of Kuta Beach on the wane. Which appear only foreign tourists. Foreign tourists more visible during the day. For local residents, is located on the beach during the day was very hot. Because the sun was directly overhead, can burn the skin.

Afternoon, the number of local residents who came to the Kuta beach is increasing. Just like in the morning. They came with the same goal, to fill the holidays with family and friends. Afternoon is the most beautiful time to be at the beach. People can see a beautiful sunset, while sitting in the sand enjoying the fresh sea breeze.

Not only attraction that is visited by residents of Kuta Beach on Sunday. Also other beaches in Bali. Many people like to go to the beach on Sunday to fill the holiday. The beach is beautiful and pleasant, spacious, and free activity without being bothered others.

Attractions of Kuta Beach on Sunday

Attractions of Kuta Beach on Sunday

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