Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Why do tourists like to visit Bali?

Many people ask, "why local and foreign tourists like to visit Bali?". Indeed, many factors that cause, so it is always in search of Bali and is visited by tourists from different countries. That factor is not just one or two, but many. But of the many factors, there are several factors that cause a lot of tourists want to visit Bali, and will return to Bali.

Factors that led to the Bali became the target of tourists from different countries are:

1. The natural beauty is diverse and fascinating.
Bali is a small island among the thousands of islands in Indonesia. The contour of the land in Bali is also a variation. Climatic conditions also greatly varies. One of the natural beauty of Bali is a tourist attraction is the beach and the underwater world. Bali has many famous beaches with white sand and black. Most of the beach is always crowded by tourists in the area of South Bali. That's because the region of southern Bali has the widest beach with white sand. Waves of the sea is great for surfing, as well as a view of the sunset which is amazing. The underwater world in Bali also be different appeal. Biota is extremely diverse, coral reef protection, and endangered marine animals.

2. Culture, art, and traditions that are unique.
Most of Bali's population are Hindus, in the middle of the country with the largest Islamic population of the world. Hinduism in Bali is very unique and different from those in other countries. From it emerged a variety of religious art and a unique living habits. Arts, traditions, and habits that give birth to a variety of high artistic taste. The dance evolved from ritual offerings to the gods. Design and architecture arts also arise from the offerings of the holy temple in the manufacturing process. Painting is like that.

3. The Balinese are very friendly with anyone, innocent, and good-natured.
The Balinese are well known to anyone with a friendly attitude. They are also very kind, also helps selfless, caring and always concerned with others. So anyone who is in Bali, will feel right at home. Because residents are friendly and like to smile with people they do not know.

4. One of the island with a variety of attractions and rides play.
Any activity you want to do, almost all can be found in Bali, especially pertaining to life in the tropics. Swimming, mountain climbing, diving, surfing, cycling, adventure, yoga, art, music, disco, all available in a single island. Looking for a high mountain to climb, vast lakes, rivers for rafting, waterfalls, deep sea with beautiful coral reefs, all in Bali. In Bali there are also many subordinate play for individuals and families.

5. Wide selection of places to stay.
Bali has a very diverse hotels. Starting from the most affordable price, to the price of the most expensive. Hotels with service pickup, up to the hotel with the best service. Villa on the beach, up in the woods. Stay at home resident, knows just beristirahan amid rice fields are very beautiful. All in Bali with a variety of options, according to the tourist's ability to pay.

6. Everything is cheap.
For only one dollar can buy a bottle of delicious local beer and famous. With one dollar you can buy tasty and filling meal. With one dollar can buy gasoline to drive around town with a rented motorbike. Halted from eating, drinking up to sleep, all can be paid at very cheap prices.

7. Everything is close.
From the airport to the hotel where to stay, from hotels to the dozens of wonderful attractions, the sights with one another, all can be reached quickly and easily. All places have been associated with good road, although traffic congestion sometimes unwanted. From the mountains to the sea can all be explored with only one full day.

8. The free nightly entertainment and variety.
Kuta is the center of nightlife with many options. One of the most crowded places at night in Kuta is Legian Street. Along the way there are plenty of bars, discos, cafes, massage, spa, hotel, mall, restaurant, hangout. Kuta is one of the most sought after cities in Indonesia, especially in Bali.

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