Friday, November 28, 2014

Friday, November 28, 2014

Things to do in Ubud, the real culture of Bali

Bali, Indonesia, not only has beautiful beaches, there are also Ubud with natural and beautiful rice. Things to do in Ubud is enjoying paronama tourist attraction in the form of nature, art, and culture. That's all there is in Ubud.

Ubud is a village in Gianyar regency, Bali Indonesia. Talking about the culture of Bali, then our minds will not be separated and far from Ubud. Speaking of Balinese art, then it will not be separated from Ubud. When talking about the natural beauty of Bali, definitely thought we would be on Ubud.

With nature that is still well preserved, as well as the lives of the people who still maintain the culture, it can be said that Ubud is the perfect place to enjoy nature Bali is still quiet, with hospitality Balinese people live in a culture and art. Foreigners say that Ubud is "The Real Culture of Bali".

It's easy to get to Ubud. From Ngurah Rai Airport to the north about 25 km, with a travel time of about an hour, if not stuck in traffic jams often occur almost in all roads in Bali. Can take a taxi, or rent a car that is widely available around the airport.
If you want to enjoy a special tour, vacation while learning about the culture and art of Bali, it is advisable to look for accommodation in Ubud. The price of hotel or villa in Ubud a variation. The most standard has a price of 700000 rupiah. If the backpacker wants to stay in Ubud, there are many homestay in Ubud, the price is relatively low, ranging from 200000 rupiah per night, including breakfast. So you do not have to worry if you want to vacation in Ubud.

Homestay is the type most widely sought lodging in Ubud by foreign tourists. Therefore, tourists can feel directly the lives of residents of Ubud. Many homestay becomes one with shelter residents. So when the tourists stay in mohestay owned by residents of Ubud, then indirectly it will be part of the family.

While in Ubud, the tourists can enjoy many activities and attractions. Start of nature, to cultural tourism. Enjoying nature with walking tour exploring the beautiful terraced rice fields. Stroll among the rice plant. Cycling through small villages in Ubud. In fact there is a package called Cycling Love in Ubud.

Cycling Love in Ubud, is a tourist activity to the surrounding road cycling ever passed by Julia Roberts for her role as Elizabeth Gilbert, in a movie titled Eat Pray Love. The tourists can see where Elizabeth lived in the middle of rice fields, and met with a spiritual advisor as well as a fortune teller named Ketut Liyer. So this package may give a different impression to tourists while on holiday in Ubud. Cycling is the thing to do in Ubud, Bali Indonesia.

For art activities, tourists can learn directly on the artist directly. In Ubud there are many artists who mebuka short art class. Ranging from painting, sculpture, gamelan, to create a Balinese puppet. One that provides tour packages is the Museum Puri Paintings art. Learning package for one day during the hours go. Got facility art tools to lunch. If you really like the painting, there are many museums of paintings, with a world-class collection, from famous artists. There are many museums paintings Ubud with characteristic different.

At night, there are ballet performances in Ubud. Every night there are eight teams appearing alternately in several places. One of the places that be staging the ballet is on page Puri Agung.

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