Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday, November 14, 2014

Bali Bombing Monument in Jalan Legian Kuta, leaving bitter memories of the victims

Bali Bombing Monument

Bali Bombing Monument in Jalan Legian Kuta Bali has always been a bitter memories for the people of Bali, especially for the families of the victims. Located on Jalan Legian, in downtown Kuta, this monument as a reminder to tourists in order to always be alert, that terrorist acts can occur anytime and anywhere.

This monument was built right on the location of bombings struck. The bomb that exploded in Kuta form a large hole in the ground. After the identification process and as a survey completed in doing, the government took the initiative to load a monument to commemorate the terrible tragedy that happened in Bali.

The monument is now becoming one of the attractions in Kuta. Become an icon to Jalan Legian, entertainment center and nightlife in Kuta. A reminder for the tourists that pass in the street.

Despite the terrible tragedy never happens on the street, but the number of foreign tourist arrivals to Kuta continues to grow each year. Legian Street became the center of nightlife. Around the monument where the bombings, is now being built luxury discos and magnificent, which provides entertainment and excitement for fans of music and disco. Many people towards this place to seek pleasure in the night.

While around the monument, at night, happy atmosphere is very pronounced. People seemed to forget the bad things that have happened in that place. Monument at the center of nightlife. Young man using a monument as a place to hang out at night.

Kuta is a very popular tourist destination. Although the rainy season is very visible area of Kuta rundown and dirty, as well as the beach filled with rubbish, but the tourists still like Kuta. In fact, the tourists who have been to Kuta, Nantu will someday come back to Kuta. They assume that Kuta is a very pleasant place.

Bali bombings in 2002 is a series of three bombings that occurred on the evening of 12 October 2002. Two of the first explosion occurred at Paddy's Club and Sari Club (SC) on Jalan Legian, Kuta, Bali, while the last explosion occurred near the US Consulate office, although it was quite far apart. The series of bombings This is the first bombing was followed by a bombing in a much smaller scale are also held in Bali in 2005. Recorded 202 people died and 209 were wounded or injured, most of the victims were foreign tourists who visited location a tourist spot. This event is regarded as the worst terrorist incident in the history of Indonesia.

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