Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The sea around Menjangan Island became a favorite place to dive

Menjangan IslandMenjangan Island is located in Buleleng. Located in West Bali National Park. The island is very small, there are no permanent residents living on this island. However, on this island there are many temples are very sacred by the Balinese people. Menjangan Island is also a live deer habitat. These animals are highly protected in Bali. 

Sea around the island is the best place for diving. The reefs on the seabed at Menjangan Island, has a kind of a very diverse and attractive colors. Many divers who come to Bali is definitely looking the sea. The water is more calm, clear and clean. Novice divers dive in the ocean is perfect this.

Besides diving, you can also relax at Menjangan Island, looking at the nature around. In this sea fishing is prohibited to catch fish, so the fish that live in the sea is very much with different types. The white sand on the island of Menjangan also be a tourist attraction that is resting after a dive.

Very easy to find this sea. From Port Gilimanuk in West Bali, headed north, toward Singaraja city. From Gilimanuk headed north about 25 miles. On the side of the road would be visible from the small harbor where the boat rests.

The boat used was a wooden boat. The boat is very common in Indonesia. These boats can be hired out to sea to dive sites. You can rent a boat was a full day from morning to evening.

Menjangan Island is an island that is very protected, as a place to live deer, an animal that has lived since time immemorial in Bali. Bali Barat national park is highly protected, because being a rare bird life, Jalak Bali. But now very difficult to find Jalak Bali in the wild. You can find Jalak Bali in captivity contained in the West Bali National Park.

Diving is a very enjoyable activity. On the island of Menjangan you can dive safely without fear of the ocean currents that are difficult to predict. Because in this sea currents are very small, even in some places, ocean currents are very small. I've never heard of a diver who died at sea. So it is very suitable for beginners to learn to dive in the sea.

The sea around Menjangan Island became a favorite place to dive

The sea around Menjangan Island became a favorite place to dive

Menjangan Island

Port of Labuan Lalang

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