Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday, October 20, 2014

Bali's famous Mall. Shopping center for tourists

Shopping is a part of the tour, also when traveling in Bali. Looking for unique items and bargain for souvenirs. Typical products made by local artisans. However tudak all the tourists who are interested in visiting Bali isolated places find the product they want. Most of them prefer the mall to shop. 

Bali has many great mall for shopping activities of the tourists. Start of malls that offer low prices, up to a mall that specialized in selling well-known products at a price very expensive. All adjustable spot and the intended target market.

Malls in Bali is famous as a shopping and leisure center in Bali, for local residents and foreign tourists:

1. Bali Mall Galeria. 
Located on Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai, Kuta, Bali, just to the west statue of Dewaruci, or by a person familiar with Simpang Siur Dewaruci. This is one of the most comprehensive shopping and leisure in Bali. There are bookstores, toy stores, department stores, hardware stores, theaters, dining options are diverse, there is even a garden to relax in the middle of the mall. The only mall in Bali which has a garden area that is wide enough, the concept of Green Mall is also applied there by the condition there are some very pretty garden area, so add fresh atmosphere while visiting there. Shopping in Bali more enjoyable. If you want to shop at this mall, the price offered for each product is relatively standard, not expensive, not too cheap.

2. Carrefour Bali 
Located on Jl. Sunset Road, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia. This mall sells daily necessities. Nothing special about the mall to shop while recreation, just that you can shop for goods at a cheaper price here. Very few products sold are local handicrafts. This mall is more suitable for daily necessities to local residents and tourists. If you are from china (Chinese tourists), should not visit this mall. There are many products made in china here, especially for electronic products and tooling.

3. Matahari Duta Plaza Denpasar 
The mall is located on Jl. Dewi Sartika 4G, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. This mall is very popular among the people of Bali to shop. It has a parking lot for cars at the top. One well-known in this mall is a very complete book sales, comfortable and quiet. This mall also sells clothing from well-known local brands, local brands with low prices and discounts. But downstairs, there are many small stalls selling fake watches and fake perfume. The most impressive shopping mall is armor is able to provide children with good and lots of discounts.

4. Ramayana Bali Mall 
Located on Jl Diponegoro, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia, in downtown Denpasar. The target market of this mall is the lower middle class citizens. Clothes with local brands. If you want to get cheap clothes and plenty of discounts, this mall is the choice. In almost every corner of the clothes are on sale for a low price. Unfortunately, almost all of which is on sale for a very low quality.

5. Discovery Shopping Mall 
The mall is located on Jl. Kartika Plaza, Kuta - Bali, Kuta, Bali. Mall is located on the beach of Kuta. From inside the mall you can see the sunset while shopping. Shopping at the mall is very pleasant. With the employees were very friendly. There are many local products such as handicrafts. Curry wooden sculptures, souvenirs, Balinese fabrics. On the top floor you will find clothing from top brands. This Mall is an interesting place to shop. This shopping center has been there since a few years ago. This shopping center is renowned for its unique access to the beach and rarely found. Adjacent to the hotel, so that guests can easily access this shopping center.

6. Sun Kuta Square 
The mall is located on Jl. Kartika Plaza, Kuta - Bali, Kuta, Bali. Located in Kuta Square shopping complex. This mall is one of the largest in Kuta. Providing a wide selection of high quality products.

7. Beachwalk Mall Kuta
The mall is located on Jl. PantaiKuta, very close to the beach of Kuta. The new mall is built, and became a great nongrong at night. Not many products and stores were open. However, the most famous in this mall is a movie theater showing the latest.

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