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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Nine places of interest in Ubud Bali, which is worth visiting

Ubud is one of the most interesting places in Bali Indonesia. The most interesting in Ubud is the life of the citizens who remained true to the customs and culture of Bali. Traditional life of the people of Ubud became an attraction for foreign tourists. Friendly people with a high sense of family is one of the tourist attraction. Ubud many received awards as the most favored by tourists.

One of the very interesting sights in Ubud, is a terraced rice fields. Terraced rice fields in Ubud different than anywhere else in Bali Indonesia. Because, terraced rice fields in Ubud made on the hillside. Most of the rice fields made on sloping ground contour. So the terraced rice fields should be made in order to be able to be planted terraced rice well. Terraced rice fields generated because the majority of the Ubud area is mountains and hills, with a river at the bottom of the ravine. So people should make a brilliant idea to take advantage of the soil conditions. Because the ground state of Ubud is now becoming one of the most interesting places in Bali and worth visiting.

Bali is well known and can attract foreign tourists because it has beautiful beaches with good waves for surfing. But since the last few years, many travelers choose Ubud as the destination for a vacation. The reason is, because Ubud can provide natural feel of the real Bali. Residents were very friendly, the tradition is maintained, the art is very unique, natural green forests and terraced rice fields are owned by the attraction of Ubud.

Ubud has now become very popular since a movie starring Julia Roberts, Eat Pray Love. This movie tells the story of love in Ubud. In the movie show the beauty in the rice fields, rivers, coconut plantations, and roads in the corner of the town of Ubud. One of the people who lived in Ubud and became famous because of the movie is Ketut Liyer. In the movie Eat Pray Love, Ketut Liyer be a fortune-teller who is able to see one's future. Ketut Liyer is now sought after by many people to predictable. It has now become one of Bali's most sought after tourists from various countries. They hope to meet and predicted by Ketut Liyer, although only just met, at least they can get a picture together with Ketut Liyer in Ubud.

There are many interesting places in Ubud that you must visit while in Bali Indonesia. These places are well known among foreign tourists. Places of interest in Ubud are as follows:

1. Ubud Art Market
Ubud Art Market is located in the center of Ubud, Gianyar, Bali Indonesia. In this market the majority of goods sold is the craft of the local population, which is usually used as a souvenir. Ubud Art Market is an attraction that shows residents of Ubud was selling habits. The best time to visit this market is in the morning, when people begin to open their stalls to start selling. The most interesting is the activity of people in the morning when going through the rituals at the start of trading. In a small temple in Ubud Art Market, the merchants will do a little ritual before selling.

2. Puri Ubud
Puri Ubud is a residence for the King of Ubud. Can be regarded as a fairly well-known kingdom in Bali, because it is an attraction of the most sought after foreign tourists. The castle was opened to the public as a tourist attraction for the tourists. When there is one of the Ubud royal family of the dead, then Puri Ubud became very crowded by tourists to witness the cremation procession (Ngaben), which is commonly known as the royal cremation of the Puri Ubud family.

3. Monkey Forest Ubud
Ubud attractions visited by many travelers is Monkey Forest Ubud. This park is located 26 kilometers from Denpasar, is a habitat for long-tailed macaques. In addition to seeing the monkeys in this attraction, you also can visit the how the temple contained in this tourist spot. This tourist spot sanctified by the people of Bali. Because monkeys are found in this forest was the incarnation of the god the Hanuman. The monkey god.

4. Village of Petulu
Petulu village a place to live for a long neck white heron, in the Balinese language also called Kokokan or Kokoan. These birds live peacefully in this village without disturbing anyone, the amount sekarangnya hundreds, even thousands. You can find these birds in the trees along Petulu Village area. The village is located five kilometers to the north of the center of Ubud.

5. Puri Lukisan Museum
The location is at Raya Ubud road. Very close to the Ubud Palace and Ubud Art Market, is located about 300 meters to the west. The museum was founded in the 1950s. Museum Puri Lukisan is the first private museum in Bali that holds a collection of paintings and sculpture. Is a place where a collection of paintings from the best art schools in Bali Indonesia.

6. Rudana Museum
Rudana Museum is an art museum located in Jl. Cok Rai Pudak 44, Teges village, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali, and is used to showcase and promote the works of art such as paintings and sculptures by artists of Bali. The museum also holds various collections of paintings such as I Gusti Nyoman haisl work Lempad and Affandi.

7. Agung Rai Museum Art (ARMA)
Agung Rai  Museum Art is one of the art museums in Bali that holds various collections of paintings from famous painters from both domestic and foreign. ARMA is not just a museum, because it is a visualization and performing arts center, and provides an opportunity for visitors, and provides an opportunity for visitors to enjoy the permanent exhibition and temporary works of various artists, theater performances, dance, music, and painting classes, bookstore, room reading, libraries, cultural workshops, training programs and seminars.

8. Neka Museum
Neka Museum is a museum of art made for the love of a Suteja Wayan Neka against all forms of art in Bali. Located on Highway Sanggingan Campuhan, Ubud, Bali 80571. museum was founded by Suteja Neka, in 1975 you can purchase the painting at this place.

9. Antonio Blanco Museum
Blanco Renaissance Museum is a museum located in Ubud, Bali province, Indonesia. The museum stands on the desire of Antonio Blanco, a painter to someday have a museum that is finally starting to come true as well and given the name of The Blanco Renaissance Museum. After Antonio Blanco gone, the museum was later managed by his son, who was named Mario Blanco.

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