Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Attractions in Kuta, which you should know

Kuta beach Bali, Indonesia
Tourism objects in Bali Indonesia, which is worth a visit, there are at Kuta. Kuta is one of the attraction and is a favorite place to visit by tourists in Bali Indonesia. Kuta is very often visited by tourists, and became the most sought after by foreign tourists who love the nightlife. Australians are the most likely to be in Kuta. Kuta is one of the places most visited by tourists, so the place is said to be an international city, because people from various countries gathered here to seek pleasure and entertainment. The number of tourists visiting this place exceeds other tourist spots in Bali. One of the most sought after people in Kuta is Kuta beach. Until there is an assumption, that Bali to be incomplete, if not visit Kuta.

Kuta Beach is known as sunset beach, because of the scenic beauty of this beach in the afternoon. In addition, if you come to Kuta beach during the day, then you will see thousands of people on this beach. They do a variety of activities, sunbathing, water play, surfing, jogging, or just sit back to enjoy a long ocean waves. Although the rainy season Kuta beach filled with garbage from the river near the beach, but the beach is always a prima donna by tourists from various countries, and they always come to this beach while they were on holiday in Bali Indonesia.

Kuta is not only preferred because it has beautiful beaches. Kuta is also preferred because it became the center of entertainment and shopping center in Bali Indonesia. Many places in Kuta which gives satisfaction and pleasure for tourists. Starting from the evening entertainment in the form of discos, cafes, bars, restaurants, to massage parlors with extra services with the sexy girls who are ready to serve customers.

In 2002, a difficult time for tourism in Bali Indonesia, because of the first Bali bombing incident, and the second Bali bombing, which led to the attractions in Kuta Bali became quiet, and not many of the tourists visiting Kuta. But now Kuta Bali has to clean up and become the central of Bali tourism. Nowadays Kuta has many facilities are very complete in accordance with the needs of tourists such as hotels and lodging, recreation, to facilities and sports facilities. So do not be surprised if the attractions in Kuta Bali again crowded by tourists both domestic and foreign. Kuta has become an international city with tourism facilities are very complete.

If you are in Bali Indonesia and visit Kuta, you should visit places unique and interesting. Here is a unique and interesting places that you should visit while in Kuta:

1. Beachwalk mall
This mall is located very close to the beach of Kuta, where it fell across the road from the beach. This mall thinking about building a very unique design. With Balinese sensation, the terraced rice fields. The roof of the mall building is shaped rice terraces. Beachwalk mall is a very suitable place to hangout in Kuta, because of its location overlooking the sea of Kuta, Bali Indonesia.

2. Discovery Shopping Mall 
It is a huge mall. It is quite far from Kuta Central Parking, however this mall is very popular with foreign tourists, because this mall sells a wide range of art products and souvenirs. This mall also sells souvenirs typical of Bali. Most of the foreign tourists who are in Kuta will visit this mall to look for souvenirs. The hallmark of this mall is there a monument in front of the building. And stairs are often used for seating and hanging out by the local people. Mall is located at Jl. Kartika Plaza has many fashion outlets, such as The Boutique, Surfer Girl, Polo, Osh Kosh, Guess, La-Senza, as well as famous restaurants and cafes and much more. Discovery Shopping Mall is a favorite tourist attraction in Kuta Bali, although like other malls, but the special is here the tourists can enjoy the enchanting sunset from inside the mall.

3. Kuta Square 
Kuta Square is a shopping complex in Kuta. There are many distributions of the leading brands in this place. Kuta Square has a row of shops that are not so wide, but there is a store that sells a wide range of products from leading brands fasion. This shopping complex is very popular among foreign tourists. Because the target market of shops in this place are foreign tourists who have a lot of money. Due to local residents, the offered price of the products sold on this place are very expensive. But if you want to just walk around, or sit down and enjoy eating food along the street in Kuta squer, then a very suitable as a place to hang out.

4. Jalan Legian (Legian Street)
Jalan Legian is very interesting and lively when visited at night. This road is a wide range of cafes, discos, bars, restaurants, with a dazzling evening entertainment. At night, Legian Street will be filled with pedestrians dominated by tourists from Australia. Many famous discos and cafes in this place. Jalan Legian is also famous for its night life filled with music and lights of the discotheque. If this hang out at this place saa night, then look for the site of a bomb blast, and has built a monument, Gound Zero. At night, the Ground Zero monument located in Jalan Legian, is the center of nightlife in Kuta.

5. Hard Rock Café
Cafe in Kuta is the most famous Hard Rock Café, located on Jl. Kuta Beach. When entering the room the cafe, you will see a variety of musical instruments that are commonly used by many bands, such as the great guitar that adorn the bar and the stage is in the middle of the café. Big stage in the middle of the room is often used by famous musicians. The Café is open from 11:30 am - 1:00 am on Sunday through Thursday, and 11:30 am - 2:00 am on Friday and Saturday. The most interesting in this café is at certain hours of the travelers will be entertained by live band performances. In this cafe on display a variety of photos of famous musicians around the world, as this cafe is a museum that collects photos of various famous musicians in the world.

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