Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday, August 01, 2014

Pajegan / gebogan, balinese fruits and snacks decoration

Pajegan / gebogan is decorating fruits and snacks on a baking sheet that is made for offerings to the deities and ancestral spirits for all the grace and fertility, which has been given to humans. Decorative fruit is made ​​by each family for the ceremony in a temple as a sense of devotion and gratitude to the people of deities and ancestral spirits.

Pajegan / gebogan made ​​with fruits and snacks, which are arranged neatly in a special pan, to form the composition of fruits and snacks that make up the tower, with the application of a high artistic taste, thus forming a beautiful and attractive offerings. Residents of Bali has a high artistic taste, every activity and life is always added an element of art, with the aim that life becomes more beautiful and colorful. That is why, in the manufacture Pajegan / gebogan, always made ​​very attractive and beautiful.

Pajegan / gebogan very heavy, if made form a very high tower. Weight on Pajegan / gebogan derived from fruits, pan, and a core of banana tree trunk. Conceivably in women who carry Pajegan, while walking towards the temple. Pajegan taken using the head. With the balance to keep from falling. Women very suitable to bring these offerings. Therefore, a woman has a heart that is soft and quiet, because when carrying Pajegan, the temple is the place to go very far, should be taken with balance and poise, not to fall.

Cost to make Pajegan / gebogan depending on how high Pajegan was made. The higher the Pajegan, the more fruits and snacks are needed. Usually the fruit used is imported fruit. Because the imported fruit has a consistent shape and color. As well as the price of imported fruit is cheaper than fruit locally, and has a lot of variation more.

Snack that is used to make Pajegan / gebogan usually made ​​their own. Because make snack is usually done by women in Bali. Make snack separately Pajegan also aims to snack will be used have the same shape, making it easier to compose and arrange them on the media that has been provided.

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  1. Balinese people call it by many names, Pajegan / gebogan / banten / canang sari, very interesting , the value of art in every life. Bali does have a high attraction of the value of art and culture. Difficult to deny that Bali is a small island in the middle of an Islamic country with a large population. In Bali art grew from cultures and religions. Must be preserved. Gebogan is one embodiment of the art in every ritual in Bali.