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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Visits to attractions of Candi Gunung Kawi in Gianyar

Visits to attractions of Candi Gunung Kawi in Gianyar
When are located in Gianyar, we can find many interesting and unique attractions. Historic attraction is the most interesting in Gianyar, besides it is natural and artistic attractions. If you visit Pura Tirta Empul in Tampaksiring, can also visit attractions in Gunung Kawi Temple.

Gunung Kawi Temple attractions located in the south of Pura Tirta Empul. Approximately three kilometers. Most people call it the Candi Gunung Kawi. If you are from the Denpasar towards Pura Tita Empul in Takpaksiring, Gianyar, you will pass this attraction. Before or after a visit to Pura Tirta Empul, you can visit this place, Gunung Kawi Temple.

The road to CandiGunungKawi the same path towards Sukawati. The location of the temple is located about 40 kilometers from Denpasar to travel about 1 hour by car or motorcycle. If the Gianyar City is about 21 kilometers or about 30 minutes drive.

Gunungkawi is an ancient temple which is carved on a large stone wall, located on the banks of the river with very clear water. Areas around these temples are the paddy fields which are very broad. This temple is located lower than the fields. If observed carefully, chances are the carved stones, had previously been excavated, and on the stone wall in carving some Hindu temples.

Visits to attractions of Candi Gunung Kawi in GianyarThere are two rock cliffs carved into the temple. In the east and west. Separated by a small river with very clear water. And connected by a bridge. Nuance very quiet. I do not know what the purpose of making these temples. The possibility for a place of worship, or just a work of art. I do not know because I have not asked from trusted sources.

If conceivable, how great people in ancient times, able to sculpt stone wall very hard. I wonder what ancient people used, they must have the ability to very large. Such as those in Egypt, scientists are still wondering, what is used to make the pyramid, what tools to use, as well as where I pile up the stones are very large.

From the parking area leading to the temple area, I have to go through the small path downhill. This path consists of very many stairs up to the temple area. Passing the river and rice fields, as well as residents around the plantation. While exercise strengthens the heart and hocks. If you are an elderly person, you should not visit the attractions on Candi Gunung Kawi, as it will drain your energy and condition.

Along the road to the temple area, there are lots of souvenir stalls, sometimes I find a restaurant between the cliffs and trees. The trip will be a little disturbed by the conduct of the merchants that offer merchandise. Sometimes they will follow you to the destination, so you buy what they are offering.

Gunung Kawi area attraction is a very private location, just around the temple there is a stone wall that is high enough. South side of the temple is owned by the paddy fields. So, if we go to the temple area, and back to the parking lot, then we will go through the same path. Surely we would be disturbed again by the traders who sucks.

Some sources say that the complex of Candi Gunung Kawi made for the funeral of King of Udayana and his children. But the meaning of the wake is not as grave for the body of the king and his family, but in a symbolic sense, namely to respect the king.

The existence of this Candi Gunung Kawi which puts two Hindu religious systems, ie systems of Shiva and the Buddhist system, as a very good thing to contemplate, for the advancement of religion to the next. King Udayana was very receptive to the presence of a positive external elements, to strengthen the culture of Bali at that time.

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