Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday, July 07, 2014

Museum Gilimanuk not well maintained

Gilimanuk Museum is a museum to store and display objects of archeology, and ancient human bones. Ancient human bones at the Museum Gilimanuk came from the area around the museum. The bones were found around the museum, with the excavation by archaeologists. The museum made ​​since decades ago. The initial plan of making the museum is not only to save the antiquities obtained around Gilimanuk, but also save antiquities from various regions in Indonesia.

Gilimanuk Museum located in Gilimanuk, Melaya, Jembrana regency, on the eastern end of the island of Bali. Located in the bay Gilimanuk, on the seafront. The museum building is very close to the port of Gilimanuk, and very close to the bus station.

Conditions at the museum is increasingly alarming. Since the implementation of regional autonomy, and the management of the museum handed over to the local government, the condition of the museum is increasingly not maintained. Much of the damage in some corner of the room. Even many supporters of buildings that no longer has a roof because of damage. Local authorities do not consider the condition of the museum because it is not considered useful.

Gilimanuk Museum is managed by the Government of Jembrana. Local government has a very low income. Jembrana is one of the poorer regency in Bali. Therefore, it can be ascertained, management and maintenance of the museum is not optimal. The fact can be seen from the condition of the building were not neglected. Budget constraints is the reason the government does not provide optimal care to the museum.

Before Meseum Gilimanuk is managed by the local government, beginning managed by the central government under the ministry of tourism and culture. At that time the museum condition well maintained with funding from large central government. Salaries of employees who keep the museum is also given by the government. So that the treatment and management of the museum can be done well.

Previously, in late 1999, Museum Gilimanuk highly frequented by students from various regions. The museum is a place of learning, especially related to the history of human life. Each year the museum is always visited by students who wish to undertake the study of human history and life in Bali.

In the museum there are a lot of historical objects. Ancient human bones, ancient pottery, sarcophagus, ancient jars, crates ancient, ancient equipment, and so on. These objects hundreds to ribua years old. Collected by archaeologists to rescue all the relics of history.

The parking area for visitors to the museum are also not well maintained. The parking area is overgrown by grass and bushes that make the area the museum becomes very dirty and gargle. As if the local government does not care about the condition of the museum as well as possible.

In fact, the location of the excavation where the discovery of ancient human bones, many of which used to place the cattle by residents around the museum. As if no one in the museum guards.

Museum guard was not able to make a lot of the behavior of people who mengembalakan their cattle in the museum area. Museum guards are just ordinary people who are faced with the massive number of people.

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