Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

If Cedar Point in Bali

Cedar Point is the biggest playground in the world. This playground is located in Ohio near Lake Erie. This playground has the most attractions and most comprehensive in the world. Consists of a roller coaster, a little nerve-racking attraction, attraction for families, children, and also various kinds of performances. Cedar Point is very well known, so many people want to visit this place, because it has a lot of amazing and thrilling rides.

If Cedar Point in Bali, the Bali will be more famous and visited by many tourists from various countries. One of the rides in Bali, and most notably the Water Boom. However wana Water Boom is water, while Cedar Point is not a water rides. If there is in Bali, it will equip all travel and entertainment needs.

We all know, that rely on nature and culture of Bali as a tourist attraction. Since first developing the tourism industry in Bali, not one vehicle was built. Only the water rides are made by many entrepreneurs. The reason is due to land in Bali is very little, so as to build a large vehicle such as Cedar Point, it is very difficult to realize.

When compared with those in Indonesia, Cedar Point is almost similar to Dunia Fantasi Ancol, which is in Jakatar. Ancol also has a roller coaster, but it was not long as there is at Cedar Point.

One of the most popular in the park berbain Cedar Point is the roller coaster. There are 16 roller coaster with a height of around 61 meters. Not only that, this place is also available in 71 different rides.

If Cedar Point in Bali, the tourist attraction in Bali is increasing. Field work will also increase. Entertainment and playgrounds are not just for kids. However it is very difficult to be able to make that happen, because the land in Bali is very narrow, and the economic conditions of the people who do not ride, an advanced obstacle for investors to build a vehicle to play. For the calculation of the number of visitors into the main considerations for building a vehicle to play that requires huge cost.

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