Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Boys and girls can freely for bathing and naked at river

Yehembang river is a source of clean water that is located in the middle of the forest in the village of Yehembang, Jembrana, Bali. This river has water so clear, so crystal clear we could see the bottom of the river was very deep. In addition to clear, the water in the river is also very cool and fresh. Because there is no river around settlements, and factories. There was only plants and large rocks.

Yehembang River is a river with water that is still very clean. Has not been polluted by waste and synthetic garbage. Headwaters are in the middle of the forest are still well preserved. Water discharge is very large since time immemorial. Therefore, local people use the river for bathing.

During the afternoon, when we crossed the river bank on foot, then we will see there are a lot of people were bathing. They are in the river without shame, because they are used to doing it a long time ago. If we continue to walk towards the upstream, precisely at the end of the village near the forest, then there are a lot of people bathing in the river. They bath in the river without wearing any clothes and fabrics. They are freely naked without fear seen by anyone. Interestingly, men and women, boys and girls can shower can be a place without feeling uncomfortable and scared.

Bathing in the river is a normal activity that has been done by the citizens of Bali since time immemorial. In ancient times the river is the source of life. Without the river, the people in Bali will not live well. Long ago, the river was purified by residents of Bali. Activities and religious rituals done in the river.

Currently in some places in Bali, still using the river as a place for bathing and washing. If you visit Gianyar region, you will find there are many public baths in the river. Interestingly, these baths are open. Men and women can bathe together in one place. They are only separated by a wall. They shower with naked without feeling uncomfortable and afraid of anyone.

Ironically, in the big city, the river becomes a waste disposal and waste by factories and shops are located on the banks of the river. Rivers become polluted and dirty. Even many people who throw garbage into the river without any shame. As if the river is a place to dispose of trash. As a result, the river becomes very dirty, so tidal unfit for bathing and playing.

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