Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Kuta is not green

Kuta is not green

Kuta has become an international city. Many people from various countries visit this place. From morning to night is always crowded by people. Conditions such an attraction for the ivestor to infestation. Therefore, Kuta is now becoming congested areas of the building filled with hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers. 

Residents of Kuta as knocked out by this condition. Long ago, the people of Kuta known as an agricultural community. Most of the Kuta area is farmland. But now all has been turned into a hotel and villa area. Ironically, most of the existing villa in Kuta area owned by foreigners. Although the ownership rights of land owned by local residents, but the contract is detrimental to the owners, as the land is owned by foreigners.

Uncontrolled development impact on the increase of population in Kuta. Not because of the number of high-born local residents, but the population of immigrants who live in the area of ​​tourism development area.

Business property is very present in the golden age. Many infestor utilize tourism development to profit from property development. This condition affects more and more buildings in Kuta Kuta which makes the environment increasingly hot and crowded.

Land that is used not only residential areas, agricultural areas also remains converted into housing. Weak oversight of local government, as well as the culture of corruption that is difficult to remove, impact on environmental degradation in Kuta.

Such conditions will make Kuta became a slum and not well ordered. Kuta possibility someday no longer be an attractive tourist center. Or maybe Bali will be hot and dry areas, because of the many buildings and houses that are not needed and does not benefit local residents.

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