Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday, June 09, 2014

Hotels around Kuta beach

There are hundreds of hotels around Kuta Beach with a variety of classes and prices. Most are jasmine-class hotel, with cheap price. Hotels around Kuta Beach a lot intended for lower-class travelers, who are not concerned with the facilities and services. Important that they be able to put stuff and can sleep peacefully when tired activities.

Hotels around Kuta Beach are mostly owned by locals who changed his residence into a hotel with a few rooms. Before becoming a tourist destination famous Kuta, Kuta residents work as farmers and fishermen. Since the known Kuta beach, the area is now a shopping center and accommodation.

Because so many hotels around Kuta beach, the room price competition becomes unhealthy. Many major hotels and five-star hotels can not compete with the low grade that offers room rental price per night is very cheap. These conditions are difficult circumvented. Because Kuta is the center of Bali's tourism industry, room rental price becomes competitive. Things like this lead to a lot more helpless star hotel.

Strategic place, cheap price, satisfactory service is the desire of every tourist who was on holiday. If we down every alley in Kuta, we will see a lot of hotels with such a simple appearance homes of local residents. Home residents become one with the hotel. This is why many hotels in Kuta should compete strictly.

Closer to the beach, the more expensive price. Closer to Jalan Legian, the price is much more expensive. Because Kuta Beach and Legian Street is a gathering place for tourists from various countries. Jalan Legian is a hustle and nightlife center. Nightlife in Jalan Legian is very famous for its discos, bars, and cafes are always provide entertainment to the tourists throughout the night.

Today many new hotels built around Kuta. The owners of capital, choose Kuta, to build a hotel, because Kuta is never devoid of tourist arrivals from various countries. This condition is a very promising business opportunity.

The number of hotels around Kuta negative impact on the environment and local residents. More and more hotels have an impact on the increasing number of people in Kuta. Difficult to avoid traffic congestion. Hotel is a temporary shelter.

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