Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Exhibition of arts and crafts at the Bali Arts Festival 2014

Bali Arts Festival 2014 the concept is almost the same as in previous years. Earlier there was a parade organizing art. After the opening party which performed at the Arts Center of Denpasar. Lasts for one month, with art performances every day of pari until evening.

Besides held art performances, the feast of Balinese art also held exhibitions of art and craft. Most are local products made by residents of Bali. In the exhibition there are various kinds of arts and crafts from all regions of Bali. They also sell all the products of art, ranging from paintings, fabric weaving, jewelry, musical instruments, clothing, and so on.

Arts exhibitions usually take place during the school holidays. So this event is always visited by children who want to enjoy a more relaxed and enjoyable. Every day is always crowded with people from various regions. People come to this place to look for something they need, or just look around to relieve boredom at work.

In addition to art exhibits, the Bali Arts Festival is also a night market is always crowded by people. The night market is always crowded with people. Because on this night market goods are sold the price is very cheap, much cheaper than those sold in stores and malls.

So, at the Bali Arts Festival, held not only art and drama performances, also held exhibition of arts and crafts, to provide information about the products of local production is very interesting and enjoyable.

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