Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Disorders of street vendors in Kuta Beach

Disorders of street vendors in Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach is more famous than in Jakarta. Many people in the world know more about Kuta Beach from elsewhere in Indonesia.

Due to being a center of tourism in Bali, also for Indonesia. This condition becomes a commercial enterprise by many people. Many new hotels are made by local and foreign investors. Not only businesses with large capital taking advantage of Kuta tourism continues to grow, the local residents also take advantage of this opportunity to earn money somehow.

Many locals became merchants in Kuta Beach. They sell souvenirs, drinks, cold, selling massage services, and other lian. They are looking for opportunities to earn money somehow. Local authorities do not prohibit the activities of these traders, although their existence is sometimes interfere with the activity of the tourists who were on the beach. They are called by street vendors.

There are many street vendors in Kuta Beach is often interfere with the tourists. They always approach the tourists who are relaxing and sun bathing. Sometimes Kuta Beach street vendor in forcing the tourists for buy merchandise. Persuade, seduce, and suffering are often used so that tourists want to shop him. Their behavior is certainly very disturbing comfort of tourists.

In addition to street vendors, there is also the seller of massage services are widely scattered along the beach of Kuta. This massager jiga using the same method as street vendors. They persuade and woo tourists who are relaxing and sun bathing. In fact they offer a free massage a few minutes, hoping that would be massaged to sati hours and pay a high price.

The existence of street vendors is very disturbing comfort of tourists who are relaxing at Kuta Beach. But their presence also become complementary activities in Kuta. The government provides opportunities for street vendors for sell activities and along the coast, at a designated place. If tourists want a quieter beach and comfortable without interruption street vendors, there are many beaches in Bali are still very quiet and protected from the street vendor.

Street vendors in Kuta Beach

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