Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Bali Denpasar Airport (Ngurah Rai Airport)

Ngurah Rai International Airport is located on Jalan Raya Gusti Ngurah Rai, 80361, Badung, Bali. Many people wrongly persepti about the airport layout. Previously, Badung is part of Denpasar. airports in Bali is located in Denpasar, Badung when separated by the city of Denpasar, the airport is located in Badung regency.

Geographically, Badung regency became the owner of the airport. Many people still think, that the largest airport in Bali is still located in the Denpasar city. When in fact belonged Badung regency, geographically.

In georafis, the airport is located in the south of Bali, exactly in Tuban, Kuta, Badung regency. The airport is one of the busiest in Indonesia. Since the number of local and foreign tourist arrivals are posted under the airport. The airport is not the only one in Bali. There is an airport in North Bali, which only can be used to land a small plane. Can be regarded as a pioneering airport.

Ngurah Rai International Airport is part of the name of the Balinese heroes who fought against the invaders. The hero's name is I Gusti Ngurah Rai, which is a Balinese hero who fought with his troops against the colonists for independence of Indonesia. Services are made in the name of a very large airport, so that everyone knows and always keep menganang all his services.

Ngurah Rai Airport was built in 1930 by the Department Voor en Waterstaats Verkeer. Runways form along 700m of grass airstrip in the middle of the field and a cemetery in the village of Tuban. Because of its location in the village of Tuban, communities around the airstrip named as Airports Tuban.

In 1942, Airstip South Bali was bombed by the Japanese Army, which was then controlled for a place to land fighter and transport aircraft the Japanese army. Airstrip damaged, as a result of the bombing, repaired by the Japanese Army, using Pear Still Plate (steel plate system).

The next five years 1942-1947, the airstrip is changing. The length of the runway to 1,200 feet from its original 700 feet. Built in 1949 the terminal building and control tower flight simple wooden. Communication cost transceiver using Morse code.

Completion Tuban Airport development marked by the inauguration of President Soeharto on August 1, 1969, which also became a moment of change of name, from Tuban Airport into Ngurah Rai International Airport.

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