Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thursday, May 08, 2014

When the ceremony, Besakih Temple like an anthill

When the ceremony, Besakih Temple like an anthill

Besakih Temple is the mother temple in Bali, and a temple complex, which consists of many temples. Core temples located in the middle of the complex. All Hindus in Bali, must know about Besakih Temple. Although they do not know the specifics, but at least they know which one to visit the temple to pray.

Great ceremony in Besakih Temple is usually done around April or March. If the calendar is based on the Balinese calendar, a great ceremony was held in the Pura Besakih on Sasih Kedasa (the tenth month of the Balinese calendar).

Apart from being a place to pray, Besakih Temple also become a tourist attraction by the Balinese people. So, people who pray to Besakih, they also have recreation in the temple. Therefore, Besakih Temple always crowded during the ceremony.

Besakih Temple crowds at peak occurs during the holidays, which is on Sunday. Usually the ceremony will take up to one week, provides the opportunity for people to be able to pray. When the day of the week, the crowd must have happened from morning till night. Because on the day of the week, there are a lot of people have the opportunity to be able to Besakih Temple.

Besakih Temple crowds in such a crowd of ants. So many people, look like ants crowd looking for prey. If you enter the temple area, everyone jostling to pray. Many young children crying, because it was not strong crammed with adults.

Hindus who pray at Besakih Temple, not only in one temple, but more. Before praying at the main temple, people praying prior to the family temple (temple of the ancestors), then headed to the main temple. Family temple is the temple to pray to the ancestors. For time immemorial, Hindus in Bali have different ancestors by the king and his descendants.

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