Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Soka village, paddy fields in along the highway

Soka village is a village with a very wide expanse of paddy fields. The village is very well known, as are the outstretched land transportation, along Denpasar-Gilimanuk Highway. People who have crossed this path must know the beauty of the paddy fields in the Soka Village. Paddy fields are very extensive, the most beautiful views during the afternoon, at sunset.

Soka village located in Tabanan, Bali. The regency has a very wide expanse of paddy fields, not only in Soka Village, also in Jatiluwih Village. Tabanan is the largest rice producer in Bali. In fact, Bali has always had a surplus of rice, due to agricultural output in Tabanan.

However, the beauty of the terraced paddy fields in the Soka Village, threatened by the construction of the store and the development of residential areas. Many paddy fields on the roadside turned into shopping and residential complex. This condition seemed to be left by the local government. In the past, this area is the green line that should not be developed into a shopping and residential development area. But since regional autonomy, which give more authority to local governments, led to the paddy fields in the village of Soka threatened by property developers.

If you notice, many new buildings are created by developers along the road in the Soka Village. This situation shows how weak oversight of the government, or the government deliberately gave the developer to change the green line and agricultural areas into residential areas and shopping complex.

The beauty of Soka village with terraced paddy fields to match the beauty that is in Jatiluwih. The difference is, now paddy fields in Jatiluwih been protected by the law, because the award of UNESCO to Jatiluwih, as world cultural heritage that must be preserved.

But the paddy fields in the village of Soka probably will not last long, if the local government still give permission to developers to build housing there. Although the total population is now increasing rapidly, the government should not sacrifice the paddy fields as a place of settlement. There are still many places that are more deserving developed into a residential area. But it would be better if the government pressed on Bali's population growth rate. As well as providing limits to outsiders Bali, Bali in order not to become rundown due to the large migration into Bali.

Do not let the Soka village turned into a shopping area like Kuta, Legian and Seminyak. Lost paddy fields turned into buildings and shops.

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