Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Ogoh-ogoh dolls are very creepy

Why ogoh-ogoh creepy? Why ogoh-ogoh are not made ​​with a funny shape, cute, beautiful? The question is often phrased a lot of people who do not know the meaning of ogoh-ogoh. Actually ogoh-ogoh have a very broad meaning, vary depending on the manufacturer.

Ogoh-ogoh is a very large paper doll, made ​​jointly by a group of youths in a village, which used to welcome the celebration of Nyepi day. Parade of ogoh-ogoh done the day before Nyepi day, during the afternoon. Ogoh-ogoh is carried around the village by a group of youths were accompanied by gamelan music and followed by children with heart happy and excited.

Beginning, the goal of making ogoh-ogoh is to ward off evil spirits from the village environment, so that the next day, the day of Nyepi, people who do yoga and penance, not to be disturbed by evil spirits that exist around the village, so the celebration of Nyepi can run properly without disorders.

On the other hand, ogoh-ogoh is a symbol of the evil that is in the nature of human beings. Because, the main enemy of human life is yourself. That's why ogoh-ogoh have a form of creepy, because the evil in human beings is actually very creepy. Crime is synonymous with such a creepy, very bad shape. Ogoh-ogoh symbolize evil that must be removed and destroyed.

Typically, after the ogoh-ogoh parade around the village, ogoh-ogoh dolls will be burnt to ashes. This was done with the sense that all the bad qualities in human beings should be destroyed, destroyed up to be the smallest point, making it difficult to be raised again.

Make ogoh-ogoh is also based on the imagination that is owned by a group of youth, which manifested into a giant doll. Apart from being an annual tradition, making ogoh-ogoh are also included in a work of art. The youth make ogoh-ogoh dolls, based on the emerging concept of the brain, without passing through sketching.

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