Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Drunken tourists in Kuta, is common

Drunken tourists in Kuta
Kuta Bali, is a tourist favorite place to have fun. Throughout the year is always crowded with tourists. Although never happened bombings that killed hundreds of people, Kuta remains to be excellent foreign tourists. A very lively nightlife. When the New Year is the most crowded by foreign tourists.

Discotheques, bars, cafes are faforit place to have fun. All places that provide cheap local beer and tasty. Most of providing drinks with very high alcohol content. That's what causes a lot of drunk foreign tourists in Kuta.

Drunken tourist who came out of the cafe was never a concern of people. Sometimes they are acting strangely in the street, shouting, speaking dirty, sometimes do mischief. No one cares, In Kuta very often there are tourists wandering the streets drunk. Sometimes the drunken accident, even until a fracture occurs.

Should be aware, sometimes when they are drunk, they were subjected to a criminal. It is better if you want to go to parties and have fun at discos, should invite a friend. In order to avoid crime if you're drunk.

Many cases of crime against tourists in Bali who was drunk. Lose some money, watches, wallets, passports. Kuta is Bali's tourism center, visited by thousands of people from outside Bali and foreign countries. Not everyone is in Kuta has good properties. Many of them have bad intentions to make a profit by doing crimes. So be careful.

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