Saturday, May 3, 2014

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Beautiful, terraced paddy fields in Bali

Subak with terraced paddy fields, irrigation systems for rice farming in Bali, is now increasingly recognized and admired, since UNESCO recognized it as a world cultural heritage that must be preserved.

Terraced paddy fields in Bali emerged since Subak system is applied, since the eleventh century. Subak system is very capable of managing and regulating the distribution of water for paddy fields very much, which is owned by many farmers. Because the subak system to irrigate paddy fields on uneven land contours. Paddy fields are mostly located in the hills, had to get water to the organization of the subak system is very complicated.

Why should be made terraced paddy fields?, Because uneven land contours. Most of the land in Bali, is a region of hills and mountains. So it is not possible to make the flat paddy fields. Terraced paddy fields can only be made in the area that it is possible to flowing water. Many paddy fields flowing water using long pipes. In some places in Bali, the paddy fields can obtain water, people make water tunnel by hand and hoe.

Now, terraced paddy fields in Bali became a tourist attraction. Its beauty becomes decoy anyone who saw it. The paddy fields will appear blue when processing the soil, because the reflection of the sky color on the water in the paddy fields. The paddy fields look green, when the paddys planting season. And yellowing when harvest time, because the rice is ready for harvest will be colored yellow.

The farmers were not ever aware that the terraced paddy fields that they made previously, now a tourist attraction, and is recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage must be maintained in order to remain stable and not lost.

However, support from the government is very low to the continuation of the lives of the farmers in order not to change agricultural land into a shopping complex. Today many paddy fields being sold by farmers, unable to pay the higher taxes. As well as the high price of fertilizer is causing the farmers at a loss during the harvest season.

terraced paddy fields in Bali

terraced paddy fields in Bali

terraced paddy fields in Bali

terraced paddy fields in Bali

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