Saturday, May 3, 2014

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Balinese girl, beautiful and graceful

Balinese girl, beautiful and graceful
Balinese girl is innocent and naive girl. Since time immemorial, the Balinese girl since the first known Europeans. They are known as a docile and obedient girl. Many videos on the internet showing the exoticism and beauty that blends with the local culture. The photos circulating on the internet show about the ancient Balinese girl always topless wherever they are.

Once upon a time a Balinese girl is not wearing clothes to cover the breasts. Many photos on the internet that shows the activities the girls. Dancing, weaving, pounding rice, looking for water, bathing in the river. Selling in the market. Shown in the photographs. It can be seen that the people of Europe are already interested in Bali since time immemorial.

Currently, the Balinese girl looks more clean and clever ornate. Wear clothes according to the trends. When wearing Balinese traditional dress, Balinese girl look more beautiful. Beauty will shine when he wore a Balinese traditional dress.

Village girl, different from city girls, village girl are usually very innocent, friendly, likes to smile, still bound by the norms and traditions. City girl, they are clean but faded norms and hospitality. It happened because city life is more complex and materialistic. Village girl is still used to bathe in the river. Bathing in the river along with the other girls. Sometimes they become a spectacle of men who want to see girls bathing naked in the river.

Balinese girl, beautiful and gracefulWhen going to the temple to pray, one Balinese girl wearing Balinese traditional dress, together with the other girls. If they are together in a ceremony at the temple, so they look very attractive in togetherness. The hair is decorated with flowers, bring offerings of flowers, colorful looks, attractive and beautiful.

But the beauty and innocence of a Balinese girl should be tarnished by the bad image of prostitution in some areas in Bali. The progress of the tourism industry in Bali, is always accompanied by prostitution. Prostitution as a complement to the tourism industry in Bali. This condition makes the image of a Balinese girl getting damaged. When in fact the prostitution business in Bali came from outside Bali.

Many Javanese girl came to Bali, become commercial sex workers. In Bali, they expect to get that much money from the tourism industry. But the dirty work that makes the image of a Balinese girl becomes worse. Balinese girl as very easy to be lulled by money from prostitution.

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