Saturday, April 5, 2014

Saturday, April 05, 2014

The poor on the island an international tourist destination

Island of Bali as an international tourist destination, it still has many problems associated population. The most alarming is the number of poor people in Bali. The poor in Bali very much. Appearance with a lot of contrast between the luxury five-star hotel in Kuta area, but on the outskirts there are many poor people who are not considered by the government.

The government is only focusing on the development of the tourism industry. The government should pay attention to citizens who are still poor, giving them an opportunity to get a job. Not only making policies that do not favor the poor.

Most poor people in Bali are in remote areas, in villages, in the hamlet. They stay away from the beauty of the city. Although there are many real in the poor, but they are easier to get a job to make money, than the poor people residing in the village.

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