Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Melasti ritual 2014 in the beach

Melasti ritual 2014 in the beach
Melasti ritual performed on the beach, although in some places held in the river or lake. When the Melasti ritual, we can see all the sacred objects are stored in the temple, brought to shore to be cleansed with a special ceremony using sea water. Such as washing the dishes with water, but in the Melasti ritual, sacred objects are not visible in the wash, cleaning with special prayers and rituals.

When melasti, many people participate in rituals and ceremonies. Not only to pray, but also to clean the inner and spiritual of negative energy before celebrating Nyepi day. Because when the day of Nyepi, all Hindus in Bali fasting. Surely fasting must be in a clear mind and pure.

Melasti ritual every year must be accompanied by creation of thousands of people. Not everyone follows the Melasti ritual. Because of work reasons, many people do not follow these rituals. But those who do not follow the rituals, spiritual cleanse can with holy water did you get from the sea when they implement the Melasti ceremony. They also can obtain holy water from the temple after Melasti ritual is complete.

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