Saturday, April 5, 2014

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Guardian deity of the sea, Bali beachs

Guardian deity of the sea, Bali beachs
Balinese people are very unique, wherever they indulge, they always pray to gods or ancestors who were in that place. Balinese people always pray before doing any activity. But they prayed not only with words, also using the offerings that reflects sincerity. In the mountains, in fields, in school, at work, at the beach, wherever, they always pray by using offerings.

Balinese people who will do an activity in the ocean, usually praying at a small temple that is made on the beach. The goal is that the god of the sea provide safety to them while moving around in the sea. Because Bali is an island of the gods, then all activities must be with a prayer for protection and safety. Not only to the gods, also to the ancestors, jinn, and magical creatures around the coast, so as not to interfere with God and always protected.

In some places in Bali, sometimes nuance is very haunted. If someone who is in the haunted place do not pray, chances are they will get hurt. Even at Kuta Beach is very well known haunted. In Kuta Beach should be the person who will indulge pray at a temple there which are on the east coast. In order to get salvation. Once upon a time in Kuta Beach is a large cemetery that is used by local people to bury and burn the bodies. Because of the rapid development, currently the grave already gone, but still feels haunted shades.

Guardian deity of the sea, Bali beachsThe temple is made on the beach as a place to pray for safety given the current activity on the beach. The temple also serves as the most sacred place, so that people do not act haphazardly around the temple. As well as the ancestors who were on the beach having a quiet space around the temple, and not disturbed by human activities. So that the ancestors are not hurt and harm humans.

Many strange events that felt by beachgoers who have bad intentions while beach. Many beach visitors who become ill from bad saying around the temple. So everyone should be nice, and pray at temples that have been provided in order to always get to safety. This is Bali.

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