Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Beachwalk at Kuta Beach becomes a great place to hang out

Beachwalk Kuta is a new building with unique architecture and attractive. It looks like terraced rice fields. Terraced rice fields are the hallmark of tourism in Bali. Beachwalk is a mall that is still very new. Not many stalls and shops were open. But so many have visited this mall, because it's very setrategis with shades of Kuta beach.

Beachwalk mall well-liked by young people as a place to hang out. It is very setrategis and feel good, a favorite place for anyone who likes to hang out. During the afternoon and evening is always crowded with young people of Bali. Beachwalk Kuta also has an attractive and unique. Many people make this place to take pictures.

In Beachwalk mall, there is a well-known cinema. Cinema 21 is in it. We can watch the latest movie. The price of admission cinema in Beachwalk more expensive than elsewhere in Bali. But we get very good quality cinema.

Theaters in Beachwalk Kuta always serve as a prime movie. Latest Movie theaters yan 's nice to watch. Most of the visitors are foreign tourists cinema. But on certain days many locals who watched this movie in theaters.

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