Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday, April 18, 2014

Balinese traditional dress for girls

Balinese traditional dress for girls are very beautiful and can make the wearer become look very beautiful and attractive.

Balinese traditional dress can be divided into three types, based on the function and intended use.

1. Traditional Balinese dress to the temple to pray.
To pray to the temple, the dress should be clean, white and yellow dominant colors, polite, neat, simple impressed.

Balinese traditional dress for girls

2. Balinese traditional dress for the party and formal occasions.
When to go to a party or other formal meeting, dresses more looks fancy, colorful, sexy, usually will show one's social status.

Balinese traditional dress for girls

3. Balinese traditional dress low level.
This type of clothing looks very simple, free, relaxed.

In general, the Balinese traditional dress for girl all the same. Only impression and looks different. Kebaya and kamben are two major components to be worn. Kebaya is a dress embroidered with floral motifs, and kamben is the fabric used to cover the lower part of the body.

Kebaya is usually made to order. Many girls in Bali making of kebaya with the help of a professional tailor. The goal for the kebaya size more proportionate and in accordance with its body curves. So the girl who uses kebaya look beautiful and charming. It is very difficult to get a ready-made of kebaya in store. Usually stores that sell ready-made of kebaya in tourist areas are like in Kuta, Denpasar, and Ubud. They provide kebaya ready for tourists who want to wear the Balinese traditional dress. Typically, the size of the ready-made of kebaya is very large, the goal that can be worn by anyone who buys.

Kamben on sale at very cheap prices. There are many types of kamben based on the type of fabric and thread used. Kamben can freely choose when to buy, without having to worry about the size and color. But, you should choose kamben with dark colors, because it can adjust to the kebaya to be used.

In addition kebaya and kamben, to Balinese traditional dress, the equipment that should not be overlooked is senteng. Senteng is small and long cloth used to tie waist. Although you are wearing kebawa and kamben, but if you do not use senteng, it is not in accordance with propriety. Therefore, senteng is a fabric that must be used to tie waist.

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