Saturday, April 5, 2014

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Balinese ritual always involves a lot of people

Balinese ritual always involves a lot of peopleBalinese ritual is closely associated with a very good social life. A good social life will make life of Balinese people become more calm and comfortable. Therefore, any implementation of the Bali ritual always involves a lot of people. Because all the ritual activities have very complex grooves. Not only the clergy, but also by local residents.

Rituals performed not only in the temple, but also at home and in nature. Why there is always a ritual in Bali?, It is because Bali has natural characteristics that are different from other places outside of Bali. Bali means sacrifice. Since the island was first discovered, and inhabited by people, people already perform various rituals, addressed to the ancestors. In fact, prior to entering into Balinese Hindu religion, ritual activities already carried out by the original Balinese people.

Balinese ritual always involves a lot of people
In the implementation of the ritual in Bali, much of the equipment used. The offering is also very much. When performing a ritual, not only with prayer with the words, but also with activities and movements such as dance. Therefore, it is impossible to perform the ritual just rely on one person alone. If only alone rituals, then life would be very difficult. Perhaps the Hindu religion in Bali is now abandoned.

Perform rituals involving many people have a lot of benefits. In addition to being lighter and faster, as well togetherness that makes our life in society getting better. We do not live alone. So we should always maintain good relations with other people. To that end, with the ritual that involves a lot of people, then we can maintain good relations with others. Good relations will result in a better life, safe and comfortable.

Balinese ritual always involves a lot of people
Balinese Hindu religion certainly will think when they will die. Whether their bodies would be cremated with a good ritual. Therefore, Balinese people from the beginning always maintain their relationship with the surrounding community. With hope when they die, their remains will be cremated well by the citizens, and their friends.

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