Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bali Butterfly Park is a place that does not attract

Bali Batterfly park located in Tabanan, one lane on the road to Jatiluwih. Bali Batterfly park is a breeding hundreds of butterflies and various insects. There are a lot of butterflies in captivity. Open space covered with netting, so the butterflies can not get out.

For me, Bali butterfly park is not large gardens. Indeed, we can go and take a walk in the park is covered with nets, but we will not be satisfied to be in it, because just a few steps, all the areas already explored everything. In my opinion, this place is said to be more suitable as breeding places for insects, not the butterfly park. If it is said as a butterfly park, one would imagine a large place with so much variety of flowers and butterflies. But this place is not like people think.

When you are in the area of ​​the park, we can only interact with butterflies inside a special room that has been provided. To me there is nothing special. Maybe for those who have never seen a butterfly before it will be stunned by the place, but to me that is common to see the butterflies in the wild, Bali baterfly park is mediocre.

Bali Batterfly park also provides a collection of butterflies that have been preserved. We can afford it, of course at a great price. The more rare butterflies are preserved, then the price is more expensive. When compared with preserved butterflies are sold in the market, the price is much cheaper.

Less interesting, would be nice if the area of Bali Butterfly park decorated with various flowers are beautiful and attractive. So the butterflies that were there will perch on flowers supplied, not flying confusion.

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