Saturday, April 5, 2014

Saturday, April 05, 2014

4 best places in Bali for surfing

If you like to surf, and want to surf in Bali, but do not know the best places to surf in Bali. Many beaches in Bali are suitable for surfing, but not all have good waves with a beautiful view. For surfers are not only looking beautiful waves alone, but certainly looking for the feel of the beach with beautiful scenery and interesting.

Here are four of the best places to surf in Bali:

Kuta beach
Kuta Beach is the first beach to be visited by surfers who are visiting Bali. Not only locally, also from different countries choose Kuta beach as the premier destination for surfing in Bali. Characteristics of sea waves at Kuta Beach is a large and powerful, has become a hallmark. Sea waves at Kuta Beach is very favored by surfers and hosts a world-class surfing competitions. Sea waves on Kuta Beach has two options, that is right-hander and left-hander.

Uluwatu beach
Uluwatu is very famous for its cliffs and ravines that directly led to the Indian Ocean. Because the sea directly led to the Indian Ocean, the ocean waves at Uluwatu beach is very large. Not only are large sea waves, are also very high. Uluwatu beach is a destination for surfing, which is favored by surfers. Waves leading to a high cliff, has a beautiful view, will provide a different experience for surfers.

Dreamland beach 

Dreamland Beach is very beautiful with white sand. Very whitish limestone cliffs. Ocean waves at the beach is very large, ocean waves can reach a height of over four meters. In this area there are a lot of privately owned villas. Dreamland highly favored by foreign surfers.

Padang-padang beach
Coastal plains are very unique and favored by tourists visiting, surrounded by solid rock cliffs. To reach the coast of Padang-Padang having to go through the barrier reef gap is only enough for one person, as well as through the ladder to reach the edge of the beach, it makes a very interesting point for tourists who come.

Sea waves at Padang-Padang Beach is almost the same as at Dreamland Beach, tall and big. It is suitable for surfing. Many people surfing on the beach. Not only surfing, many travelers also are sunbathing on the beach.

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