Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Once upon a time all the Balinese woman naked

Documentary film about Bali yore were widely circulated on the internet, showing the lives of the ancient people of Bali are simple. Art developed by the Bali today, has been around since time immemorial, while not familiar with the technology and tourism industry. Simple life of the people of Bali antiquity can be seen in the videos on

The most interesting in Bali is a video about women not wearing clothes anywhere and everywhere. Ancient Balinese woman wearing only a sarong to cover the lower body. Bodies and breasts are always visible. So they seemed to always be naked anywhere. Girls and the parents are all naked body.

Bali residents antiquity wore only a cloth covering the genitals. Because the fabric is very hard to come by. They should make the fabric if they want to dress. There are no factories and stores that sell fabrics for shirts and pants made​​. They indulge without shame among them. This situation becomes interesting sights for foreigners who see it.

At that time, Bali has been visited by the Dutch. They came to Bali with the aim to colonize and dominate agriculture in Bali. Balinese people as slaves to cultivate their own land, and crops taken by the invaders. Since then, the Dutch know Bali and record the activities of Balinese people are always naked bodies.

Since the Dutch came to Bali, since then Bali in the spotlight and documented by foreigners. Results documentation on Bali time immemorial now appeared on the internet, and be exceptional knowledge about Bali time immemorial. The video shows the fact that the lives of the people of Bali are familiar with the art of antiquity and good agricultural.

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