Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Boracay beach is very clean than Kuta Beach

Boracay beach

Boracay Island in the Philippines is very famous for its white sandy beaches are very clean.

Bali is famous for its beautiful beaches and diverse. One of the most famous beaches in Bali is Kuta Beach. With white sand, even though somewhat brownish, has always been a tourist attraction for local and foreign. Every day Kuta beach is always crowded by visitors. Along the beach packed with tourists, every day of the year. And the great sea waves for surfing. Kuta Beach is often held international surfing competitions.

When compared to the beaches in Boracay, Kuta Beach so look bad. Boracay beach has white sand and very clean, unlike in Kuta sand brownish color. Brownish color on the sand at Kuta caused by dirt and mud from the river. Impurities that cause the sand at Kuta Beach to brown. Unlike in Boracay, clean white sand beaches. Because in boracay no river that brought mud into the sea. So that no dirt is made ​​of brownish sand.

If in Kuta there are many buildings and vehicles, at Boracay there are many typical tropical palm trees. So the feel of a tropical beach in Boracay more pronounced than in Kuta. Kuta is more suitable called tropical city, unsuitable called a tropical beach. In Boracay, we can easily get a young coconut very tasty and refreshing. But in Kuta all coconuts imported from outside of Kuta. So we just get a young coconut fruit is not fresh.

To surround Boracay island, should rent a motorcycle. Many narrow roads barely passable by car. The advantages of using a motorcycle to explore the island is that we can go around the island region. Many almost all coastal areas is a very interesting place to visit. The sea is very clean and clear, very nice views. If heading to the center of the island, there are many houses.

Boracay several times become a favorite destination to be visited by a poll done by the international media. It is evident that many people already know the island of Boracay than Bali. Currently available in the island of Boracay has been a lot of classy accommodation facilities. Restaurants and cafes are available. We can see the beauty of the island by renting a helicopter, by boat around the island of the lot leased by the local fishermen. Even the unique and interesting, we can order coconut drinks from the boat.

But there is one interesting in Kuta not in Boracay, party all night. Legian Street in Kuta, nightlife area is very fun. You could say this area is chaotic yet orderly tempar at night. This is where the young tourist faforit while visiting Bali.

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