Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday, February 07, 2014

Want a cheap holiday, Bali best choice

Indonesia as a developing country, with a very high inflation rate, resulting in a lot of the goods sold in this country has a cheap price. However, imported products that circulate in this country is very expensive. As well as selling points that influence the currency cheap and expensive prices of goods and services in Indonesia.

Also apply in Bali. Many goods and services are offered in Bali has a very low price. However, import of goods in circulation remains high, according to the prevailing price in the Lakes of origin. However, most of the services that are sold in this country is very cheap. That is why a lot of foreign tourists visiting Bali.

Tourists who visited Bali would be king. They can choose the best hotel by cheap price. Finding food and cheap drinks. Even the price of a bottle of beer is only 1 dollar. That's what makes Bali a favorite destination for foreign tourists from various countries.

BerkunjungBali most tourists are coming from Australia. In addition to a close, they reasoned sata costs in the family holiday in Bali very little. Due to the inexpensive price of goods and services in Bali, they chose Bali as a destination regularly every year during the holidays.

If tourists come from the UK, they may cost budget for a vacation to Bali, enough to buy a house with a very large size. Many tourists who come to Bali not only looking for a cheap hotel, also looking for a home as a place to stay when they visit Bali again.

So every holiday, tourists who have owned homes in Bali do not worry when looking for a place to sleep. They already have a house in Bali. However, the problem is if the house was not occupied in a very long period of time. Then they have to pay someone to care for their cheap. That the obstacles often faced.

Although house prices in Bali is equal to the cost of staying in a luxury hotel. But home care constraints that must be considered to be a burden for the tourists who buy a home in Bali. Although in order for them to stay longer in Bali, but with a very low cost.

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