Saturday, February 1, 2014

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Visiting Tanah Lot in Tabanan Bali

Tanah Lot Temple in Tabanan Bali
Pura Tanah Lot is a temple built on a small island or on a very large rock in Tabanan, Bali. Tanah Lot is located in Tabanan, Bali, on a beach with beautiful reefs and cliffs. Tanah Lot temple is an icon of tourism in Bali that presents a very beautiful sunset behind the temple.

From Kuta there is one alternative way to get to Tanah Lot Temple, so that we avoid traffic jams. This road crosses the vast rice fields. The road connecting Kuta on the east by Tanah Lot in the West. So when the morning after visiting the Kuta Beach, we can go directly to Tanah Lot, do not have to go through the main road which is always traffic congestion.

Tanah Lot Temple in Tabanan Bali
Tanah Lot is always crowded with tourists from various countries, as well as local tourists who want to witness the beauty of the rocks and cliffs at the edge of ocean. As well as the sunset is very beautiful and charming. Ocean waves hitting the rocks at the edge of ocean is very beautiful. When the tide is low, we can take a walk on the rocks, looking at small fish stranded. We must be careful when you are close to the sea, sometimes very large ocean wave coming. Chances are we will be exposed to ocean waves if not vigilant.

On certain days, often performed the ceremony at the Pura Tanah Lot. The ceremony involves a lot of people. When there is a ceremony, the beauty of the beach and the temple looks very attractive. Leaf ornament and fabric installed in temples made ​​the atmosphere around the temple looks very festive and lively. The sound of gamelan from the temple that is in the big stone to make a friendly at becoming more sacred.

Sunset in Tanah Loh Temple Bali
There are three temples at Tanah Lot. The first temple on the beach. The second temple and is the main temple at Tanah Lot is located on a large rock or small island in the middle of the sea. Temple is at the center of attention for tourists who come to this place. The beauty of the temple will be seen in the late afternoon before sunset. The third temple on the west, at the edge of the cliff, the cliff there was a hole in the bottom. The cliff is a concern a lot of tourists at sunset. Sunset seen from behind the hole on the cliff looks very beautiful and charming, as if such an eye.

There is something interesting in the Pura Tanah Lot. A small water fountain that is always out of water without stopping. Water is believed to be holy water by local residents. Many travelers try to feel the fresh water. Despite being in the ocean, but the water is not salty, the water is very fresh and crisp. Holy water at Pura Tanah Lot is often used as a source of holy water for ritual needs.

To the north a large stone at Tanah Lot Temple, there is a small cave containing a poisonous snake. The poisonous snakes do not bite visitors. Travelers who simply want to see this snake have to pay some money to the snake keeper. If given, we can touch and hold snakes without being bitten. Though the snake is deadly poisonous snakes.

Beautiful Sunset in Tanah LotIf we are in the area of ​​Tanah Lot, do not rush away from the area. Wait until the afternoon. A time to watch the sun set at Tanah Lot. Sunset at Tanah Lot Temple is very beautiful. If you want to see the sun set behind the temple on the rock, look through the east over a cliff that has been provided. But if you want to see the sunset from a hole in a cliff on the east, look through the beach below, down to the rocks by the sea.

There are so many people in Tanah Lot. Because this place is an icon of tourism in Bali, so every tourist who was in Bali, certainly took time to visit this object. Especially when the afternoon before sunset, there are thousands of people who want to watch the sunset. One word to assess Tanah Lot, beautiful. Read also: The Holy Snakes in Tanah Lot Tabanan.

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