Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Time in Bali and Indonesia

Bali Time Zone

Bali is part of Indonesia. Indonesia is divided into three time zones. Three time zone it is in western Indonesia, Indonesian middle, and eastern Indonesia. Bali was included in the central part of Indonesia time zone. Time zone differences in Indonesia affect economic activity in each region has a different time zone.

Time zones in Indonesia, also in Bali, is closely associated with the earth. Earth is round and spins all the time. So due to the time zone difference earth is round. Earth is round and revolves result of solar radiation occurs in different ways throughout the year. Distribution of solar radiation by the earth lead to differences in the time set globally. With the time zone is different for each region, there will be a time difference of one hour between the time somewhere.

The government will never discourse brings together three different time zones into one. With the aim that economic activity can be done more effectively and efficiently. However, the discourse has not been realized to date. The government plans to use Indonesian time zone as the central part of the global time. The use of central Indonesia time zone is certainly beneficial Bali. Because Bali is located in the central part of Indonesia time zone, so no need to adjust the time that has prevailed.

Time in Bali inversely related in America. If in Bali afternoon, it's midnight in America. If Bali is the evening, then in America is morning. So precision in the timing of the move is indispensable for the smooth and comfort when traveling.

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