Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Subak in Bali eliminated because the tourism industry

Subak as part of Balinese culture that supports the tourism industry, its existence is now getting pushed out by the development of the tourism industry. No government role in maintaining the continuity of tradition and culture that has been going on since the first. Subak should be eliminated and even disappear over time. Many rice fields are converted to housing, hotels, villas, and shopping centers.

Humans need food to live. Food derived from nature. But this time the food is obtained from the farmers who grow the raw materials of food. Basic human needs at this time depends on the role of farmers in cultivating the plant food sources. Without food, humans can not live.

Subak as an organization that regulates the irrigation system in the rice fields of Bali, its existence must remain stable. All parties who wish to continue to exist the tourism industry in Bali, must help organizations of Subak, in order not to disappear as a result of uncontrolled development. At least the tourism industry giving donations to farmers, as an expression of gratitude for cultural display given to tourists, so tourists keep visiting Bali, and the tourism industry stay afloat until whenever.

Construction of villas, hotels, restaurants, and housing require a large area. Bali is a small island. If all the sectors of tourism development in Bali, the island of Bali someday will become rundown and nature become damaged by uncontrolled development.

Now many farmers who stopped working on their fields because it is not supported by the government optimally. Farmers increasingly becoming poorer day. The price of fertilizer and seeds increasingly expensive. No doubt if the farmers had to sell their farms because they do not afford the tax mempayar growing rice, but very little income.

With this condition, the government should provide more perhatial to farmers, not to the employer. Because farmers need assistance and protection from the government.

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